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Why Didn’t He See You? Find Out What Happened Before the Car Wreck

Posted On April 4, 2016 In Video Library

Proving fault after a car wreck can be difficult, but not impossible. In many situations, people may not even know they have been the victim of a distracted driver and believe some other factor led to the wreck. Unfortunately, many people get away with texting and driving and other forms of distracted driving. At Mike Love & Associates LLC, we take every case personally and show our clients the attention they deserve.

In the video below, we shed light on the aftermath of a car accident in which the factors leading up to the crash provide more questions than answers. Finding proof that the other driver was on the phone, eating and driving, or operating a GPS system prior to a wreck is no easy task. However, it can be done. We know how to do this because we have been proving negligence in personal injury cases throughout Texas for years.

Whether it involves pulling phone records, bringing in accident reconstruction specialists or tracking down witness statements, the Lufkin car accident attorneys at Mike Love & Associates LLC will do what it takes to bring those responsible for your pain and suffering to justice. To learn more about the distracted driving lawsuit process and speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer for free about your situation, call us today.

Car Wreck Video Transcript:

Are you okay? It happened so fast. I… I just didn’t see you. Why didn’t he see you? Find out what happened before the crash. Call Mike Love and Associates today.

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