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Attorney Mike Love of Love and Associates LLC

Posted On April 4, 2016 In Video Library

Before a Car Accident, Speak to a Lawyer

Before a car accident, no one thinks that a serious auto wreck will ever happen to them. Unfortunately, this makes people unprepared for the aftermath of a crash. Many people throughout Texas mistakenly think that they only need the absolute minimum insurance coverage, but this is untrue. Our personal injury attorneys in Lufkin offer free, no obligation consultations to speak to a lawyer before a car accident. We can review and explain your policy in plain language and offer our legal advice as to the best coverage to protect your family.

Video Transcription:

Have you ever considered talking to a lawyer before an accident? I’m attorney Mike Love. Many people with, so-called, full coverage insurance, are actually missing the coverage attorneys consider most important. Many who think they can only afford a minimum policy have never been told that for a few dollars more month they can actually protect their families. As a service to the community, my law firm offers a free evaluation of your policy before an accident. Call Mike Love & Associates or visit TexasLawOffice. com. We can help.

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