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Injured in Texas Due to Negligence?

East Texas Personal Injury Lawyers Fight for Injury Victims Statewide

Mike Love & Associates LLC is an East Texas law firm that helps injury victims and their families statewide. Our personal injury lawyers know that no matter what led to your injury or a loved one losing their life, it is personal to you. That is why we take every case personally. We know that in many cases, it could just as easily have been us or someone we love involved in a car accident caused by an unforeseen cause. Regardless of the case, we are here to assist you in recovering from your losses. You may be entitled to recover compensation from losses that you took due to another party’s negligence. Our attorneys can guide you through the claims process and fight for your right to a fair recovery.

At Mike Love & Associates LLC, our personal connection to our clients’ cases is also born from experience. In the case of our truck accident practice, the reason our firm protects 18-wheeler accident victims is in part because Mike Love, our founding partner, owned a trucking company earlier in his career. While working in the trucking industry, Mike stayed up to date with trucking laws and regulations. Unfortunately, he witnessed many others in the trucking industry failing to do the same. Therefore, anytime he suspects a trucking accident involves safety violations, he takes it very personally. Mike knows that in many cases, that trucking company cut corners to help its bottom line, putting everyone else on the road at risk in the process. If you need assistance after a truck crash or any accident, then contact our Texas personal injury lawyers.

Our Texas Personal Injury Lawyers Fight for Victims in a Variety of Practice Areas

Mike Love & Associates, LLC is here to support you in whatever ways that we can. Our Texas personal injury lawyers represent clients in several practice areas, including:

How Can Texas Personal Injury Lawyers Help Me?

In most cases, it is beneficial to have a personal injury attorney on your side before you file an insurance claim or lawsuit. Having qualified legal counsel can not only relieve the stress of filing a claim but can give you peace of mind that you will get fair compensation. An experienced team of Texas personal injury lawyers can:

  • Explain the law. Insurance companies and other defendants will have legal experts on their side to defend them. You deserve the same. A lawyer can explain the finer points of the law and how they apply to your unique situation.
  • Investigate to determine liability. After an accident, you may not know exactly who is responsible for your injuries and damages. A lawyer can handle an investigation for you to determine all possible liable parties. This can maximize your compensation.
  • Handle legal filings. For many, having a legal professional to ensure that all legal filings are correct is a relief.
  • Negotiate on your behalf. A personal injury lawyer can handle all negotiations with the insurance company or defendant. This can substantially ease the stress you feel about your claim.
  • Engage industry experts. Our attorneys work with industry experts who can support your personal injury claim by substantiating your version of events.
  • Advise you about settlement offers. A legal professional can give you perspective on settlement offers. We have handles dozens of cases like yours, so we know what is a fair offer – and what is not.
  • Represent you in court, if necessary. If the insurance company refuses to make a fair offer, then our Texas personal injury lawyers have the experience necessary to fight for you in court.

Call Our Texas Personal Injury Lawyers for a Free Consultation

Even if you do not believe that you have a valid personal injury case, you should talk to a lawyer at Mike Love & Associates before deciding whether or not to pursue a claim. The worst thing you can do is wait to call an attorney, because the longer you wait, the more time there is for deadlines to pass and evidence to be lost or destroyed in an attempt to remove potential liability. The other parties involved might even be working to build a case against you. In addition, you cannot make an informed decision about something that could change the rest of your life and the lives of your family members without knowing every legal right and options.

Just give us a call. We offer free, confidential, no-obligation consultations. After we answer your questions, you can make the educated decision on whether or not to file a lawsuit. In addition, our consultations are on a non-contract basis and do not obligate you to hire us if you do decide to file a lawsuit. However, if you do decide to hire us, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay us unless we secure a favorable verdict or settlement for you.

For more information about Mike Love & Associates LLC, visit our FAQs page. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced accident lawyer, call us directly or fill out the online contact form.

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