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How Does Texas PIP Coverage Protect Me After a Car Accident?

Posted On August 7, 2018 In Local Car Accidents

Under Texas law, insurance companies are required to give drivers and passengers Personal Injury Protection insurance coverage, also known as PIP. This type of auto coverage pays for certain damages that resulted from a car accident. Texas PIP coverage is mandatory, and it offers coverage for any policyholders and household members that were involved in the accident. However, the coverage can be rejected by the person purchasing the policy.

Do I Need PIP Auto Coverage as a Texas Resident?

PIP can help pay for any medical expenses that you or your passengers might encounter after a serious car accident. This includes medical and surgical treatment, ambulance services, medications resulting from accident injuries and medical supplies. PIP coverage will also pay up to 80% of your lost wages if you miss work due to injuries received in a car accident.

Check with your auto insurance provider and personal injury attorney to determine the specific coverage limits of your PIP coverage.

How Do I File a PIP Claim in Texas?

Call your insurance company after the car accident to report the incident. Make sure to ask for a PIP claim form. PIP claims have to be submitted within a specific time frame. PIP coverage also has maximum limits that can be paid, but fortunately they don’t have deductible amounts that you need to pay.

If you have been involved in a car accident in Texas, you should speak with Mike Love & Associates, LLC to obtain passionate and experienced representation. We offer free auto insurance policy reviews so you can understand what coverage can be available to you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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