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What to Do After a Work Accident In Texas

Posted On July 21, 2018 In Workplace Accidents

Workers compensation is a Texas state regulated system that helps provide certain benefits after a workplace accident occurs. The benefits received may include medical, disability or death benefits. Employers who are not subscribed to workers compensation insurance lose out on certain protections, such as escaping liability for a lawsuit.

If you’re living in Texas, then you may be surprised to know that Texas does not require employers to carry workers compensation insurance. However, employers in Texas are required by law to tell you that they do not provide workers compensation.

This may leave you in a difficult situation, especially if you’re hurt on the job. A workplace accident may require you to file a lawsuit against your employer to be compensated for any medical care and lost income due to the injury.

Important Steps to Take if You’re Hurt on the Job

These are some essential steps to take if you sustain an injury in your workplace.

  • Medical attention. If you’re hurt on the job, seek medical attention first. Keep all documentation from your visit. It’s important to get the doctor’s opinion on physical activity, as well as how long it should take to recover properly.
  • Per Texas law, you have 30 days to report any injuries to your employer. Then your employer must submit a report within eight days of the injury. These regulations are required under the Texas Workers Compensation Act.
  • You may be able to receive medical and income benefits regardless of fault.
  • Going back to work. Make sure to inform your employer of what your physical limitations are if the doctor approves of you working again.

Questions About a Work-Related Accident?

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