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What If a Truck Hit Me Because of Bad Weather?

Posted On July 10, 2017 In Personal Injury

Can the FMCSA's database prevent crashes?In the event of inclement weather, many things can go wrong on the road. Visibility diminishes, roads become more slippery, and other drivers usually slow down. If proper precautions are not taken, it is much easier to get into an accident during these conditions. Certain factors will determine if the truck driver was acting negligently during bad weather.

Dangerous Negligent Behavior During Bad Weather

  • Speeding: During inclement weather, speeding is considered more negligent than it is on a clear day. It is especially important for cars to be at, or below the speeding limit in a severe storm. Speeding is one of the leading causes of accidents, but it can be hard to prove. Lufkin truck accident attorneys pair with accident reconstruction specialists who use calculations to prove how fast a truck was going at the time of the accident.                
  • Not using headlights: With darkened skies, it is assumed that drivers should drive with their headlights on. Did the truck that hit you have its lights on?
  • Improper tires: Truck tires that are not properly inflated or are too worn out can easily lead to accidents. Other issues with the truck can arise from lack of inspections and failure to meet regulations for trucks and trucking practices.

The Trucking Industry May Try to Discredit Your Claim

Trucking companies are used to dealing with the consequences of semi-truck crashes on a regular basis. Truckers often get overworked and may be asked to work illegal long hours from their employers, causing trucker fatigue, which can be very dangerous for the other drivers on the road. Other rules truckers need to follow include weight limits, properly securing cargo, and inspecting the truck for mechanical issues. Even if a trucking company or their insurance company is compliant with your accident claim, they will likely try to offer the smallest amount of coverage possible, which will not cover the extent of the damages to your vehicle and any resulting medical expenses.

How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help Me Fight Back?

  • Accident reconstruction specialists: These technical experts use knowledge of physics and mechanics to recreate accident scenarios, and can determine the speed drivers were traveling and other important details of an accident.
  • Insider knowledge: Lufkin truck accident lawyer Mike Love used to own a trucking company before he became a lawyer. This gives him insider knowledge into how trucking companies can cut regulatory corners to make more profits, putting drivers on the road in jeopardy.
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