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Could Computer Software Cause a Car Accident?

Posted On May 22, 2017 In Local Car Accidents

can sofware cause a car accidentA current recall of a faulty software component affecting 1.25 million Chrysler vehicles is causing side air bags not to deploy and causing issues with the seatbelts. Many components of modern vehicles are managed by software programs, and when they malfunction, the results can be very dangerous. Another example would be recent issues with Uber’s self-driving cars getting into accidents.

As software starts controlling more vehicle functions, we are likely to see more software components recalled. This causes questions to arise, such as, is the auto manufacturer responsible for the flaw? Alternatively, is it the software company?

How Do I Know If Computer Software Caused a Car Accident?

  1. Have you checked for recalls online? Check online at to see if there are any current recalls on your vehicle following an accident. If they have issued one, the dealer needs to replace your vehicle component for free. You can pair with an auto injury attorney who can call in accident reconstruction experts who have advanced knowledge in finding the cause of accidents.
  2. Which parts of your vehicle are controlled by software? In modern cars, more of your vehicle may be controlled by software than you think. Sensors control many vehicle safety features. When they malfunction, they cause things like airbags not deploying, as in the case with Chrysler above.
  3. Was their negligence involved? If your vehicle has software that needs to be updated or replaced to function properly, it is the vehicle manufacturers duty to communicate that information to all owners of the vehicle within 60 days.

Who Can Prove That a Software Component Was Faulty?

Proving that software was the cause of an accident could be very difficult. Major car manufacturers and software companies have strong legal resources and trained professionals on their side. Pairing with an experienced attorney can help you get help from professionals who study automobile function and the causes of accidents. If you think that an unknown car error caused you to get in an accident, start taking action today.

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