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How Can You Check for Recalls on Common Household Products?

Posted On February 20, 2017 In Personal Injury

Avoid defective products to prevent injuriesCommon household products can pose significant risks to you and your family members if they contain defects. Over the past several years, recalls have included household products such as vacuums, kitchen tables, power adapters, refrigerators, space heaters and lawnmowers. Defects can cause electric shock, fires, poisoning and broken bones. Injuries, deaths and property damage from defective products are possible. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates defective consumer products cause $1 trillion in damages (medical bills, lost income and property damage) every year.

Recall notices do not always reach consumers, so it is important to check. One of the best ways to check for recalls is to use the CPSC’s website.

Using the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Website to Check for Product Recalls

The CPSC was founded in 1972 to protect the public from injury or death caused by products under the agency’s jurisdiction. What kinds of products are under the CPSC’s jurisdiction? Lawnmowers, children’s toys, strollers, furniture, electronics and batteries – just to name a few examples. The CSPC constantly updates its website within listings of recalled products.

You can use the website’s search engine to check for specific recalls. Type the manufacturer’s name or product model into the search field and the website will pull up a listing of recalls. For example, typing in Country Home Products (a brand of lawn equipment) reveals recalls for a brush remover and leaf vacuum. Clicking on the search result will tell you why the product is under recall. The website will also provide information regarding consumers who have suffered injuries from products, and how to schedule free repairs or receive refunds. Information found within search results include phone numbers, websites and email addresses for manufacturers.

Be cautious of apps that claim to check for recalls. Information on recalls should come directly from manufacturers, your state’s attorney general or the federal government. Depending on the situation, you may be notified of recalls by manufacturers.

What Are Your Options if You Are Harmed by Defective Consumer Products?

In some cases, manufacturers become aware of product defects, but fail to notify agencies like the CPSC or consumers. At this point, these agencies can issue recalls and notify suppliers of products under recall. Suppliers can then attempt to notify consumers.

There are some cases where consumers may file product liability lawsuits after suffering injuries from defects. Likewise, family members may file lawsuits after loved ones suffer fatal injuries. The following question about the defective product could become important for your case.

  • Did a design defect make the product dangerous to use, even when used correctly?
  • Did a manufacturing error cause the defect?
  • Did the manufacturer or seller fail to warn about potential dangers from using the product?

The Texas product liability attorneys at Mike Love & Associates, LLC can review your case and help you explore options for holding negligent businesses accountable for causing injuries.

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