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Why You Should Always Check Car Safety Features While Shopping for a Vehicle

Posted On February 1, 2017 In Local Car Accidents

Do you know how your car works?If you are going shopping for a new vehicle, it is important that you know how car safety features work. Modern vehicles come with pedestrian detection technology, automatic braking and other features that can prevent car accidents. Newer and inexpensive vehicles are also likely to have safety features. The problem is that many salespeople are clueless about what these features are or how they work.

A recent WIRED Magazine article really hits home on this point. The article mentions a recent MIT study where undercover researchers toured 18 Boston-area car dealerships to quiz salespeople on these safety features.

According to the researchers, four of the 17 salespeople gave “poor” explanations of these features. Six gave thorough summaries. Another two salespeople gave such bad information, that had the researchers been real shoppers, people could have been hurt. Features salespeople were quizzed on included cruise control, blind spot monitoring, collision avoidance and pedestrian detection technology.

You get the picture, right? The people you depend on to sell you a vehicle are not always dependable or knowledgeable. If you receive incorrect information on how to use these features, it could hurt you or other people. That is why researching your vehicle beforehand is a matter of great importance.

How Can You Research Car Safety Features Shopping for a New Vehicle?

There are several organizations that provide detailed information on vehicle safety features, such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and Consumer Affairs. However, there are also online tools that allow consumers to research vehicles and safety features at their own pace. is a joint-collaboration between the National Safety Council (NSC) and the University of Iowa. The search tool on MyCarDoesWhay links shoppers and car owners to their vehicle manufacturer’s website. For example, if you have an Acura, the MyCarDoesWhat will link you to Acura’s website, where you can receive detailed information on features used by your specific model. The website also has links to auto manufacturer user manuals.

If you really want to become a master on this subject, MyCarDoesWhat allows you to research what each individual safety feature does. The information on safety features is highly detailed. For example, if you were to select automatic braking from the website’s dropdown menu, you will see information about the safety features and common questions. Depending on your selection, you may also see videos showing how to best utilize safety features.

The website has information on lane departure warning systems, parking assistance, antilock braking, forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, and traction control technology – just to name a few examples. If you find meticulously researching subjects to be tedious and boring, the website also has a section where you can learn about safety features by playing games.

Learning how your vehicle works can be the difference between life and death. We hope this online tool can give you the knowledge needed to maximize your personal safety while car shopping.

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