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Defective Water Filter Recalled by Manufacturer

Posted On January 13, 2014 In Personal Injury

You might want to check the label on any filters attached to your faucet following a recent announcement by Nephros water systems. Nephros has recalled its SafeSpout, SafeShower HH (Hand Held), and SafeShower FH (Fixed Head) systems because the filters “may pose risks to health potentially resulting in adverse health events or death.” The filter that supposed to make your water cleaner and safer may actually exposure you and your family to harmful bacteria through cracks in the fiber filter and/or the sealing compound, holding the fiber in place.
The filters at issue are of the type that attach to the end of your sink faucet or shower head and should have the manufacturer’s logo and model name on the filter body. The defective filers were sold between October, 2011 and September, 2013. To date, one death has been reported.
The FDA has classified the recall as a Class I (the most serious). To see the FDA recall notice click here.

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